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Dubravka Gladoić Håkansson

M.Sc. authorized sexologist, professional supervisor, behavioural therapist, and mindfulness instructor.

My name is Dubravka Gladoić Håkansson and I work as an authorized sexologist in Malmö, Sweden. I am specialized  in clinical sexology and have obtained a NACS license (Nordic Association for Sexology). I am licensed in  Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Iceland and Estonia.  Additionally I am  a behavioural therapist and a mindfulness instructor with a master’s degree in sexology.

Further, I also work as a licensed supervisor in clinical sexology in Sweden.

What is sexology?

Sexology investigates sexuality from different perspectives in multiple disciplines, including medicine, psychology, and sociology. The biopsychosocial model is a frequent term which encompasses the wide field of subjects that sexology is dealing with.

What we offer

Individual and couples therapy

There are a lot of reasons why you would think about your sexuality or why it may cause problems for you. That is why you are welcome to our online sexual therapy with which you can improve the quality of your sex life.

Through dialog we can improve or solve your problems online.


Mindfulness or meditation focus on awareness and is a method to help us consciously being a part of our life. Learning those methods gives us the ability to take a deep dive into ourselves, and to realize our true needs and to make voluntary decisions corresponding to them.

Education and supervision

We hold lectures and workshops in the field of sexuality for public institutions, schools, universities, and other organizations.

Lectures and workshops are always tailored according to the client’s needs and wishes, and the attendees prior knowledge. At these occasions we make new research easily accessible and the content is based on science and proven experience.

Client  recommendations

“It was a topic that I never discuss with anyone in my life. Dialog with sexologist Dubravka became normal and comfortable. I could finally speak honestly about my sexuality. Dubravka is a great therapist."

“I was suffering from vulva pain (vulvodynia) since for long. I never had intercourse without pain. I was afraid I would be childless. Today I have a daughter and I found sexuality that suits me and my partner. Thanks’ a lot.“

“I found a recommendation for Dubravka in a Facebook group. It's hard to find understanding when you feel you don't belong anywhere because of transsexuality. Dubravka was of great support to me and my partner. “

“Through conversations with Dubravka I realized why I couldn't be faithful to my wife and what were the causes of my behaviour. Dubravka helped me understand and use methods to anticipate things I regret. Today I feel much happier and calmer, and I'm still married to my wife."

Colleague recommendations


“Ms. Dubravka showed from the beginning a great interest in sexology and sexuality studies, both from the national perspective in her work at the Youth Centre and in international projects related to her native Croatia.” 

Lotta Löfgren Mårtenson, professor

Faculty of Health and Society, Centre for Sexology and Sexuality Studies



“I have seen an immense interest for sexology as a field of science and practice in Dubravka. I’m very confident that Dubravka does a great job with her patients, using her sexologicals skills in a very good manner, with the greatest respect and at the same time, a huge curiosity for understanding the human being in different life situations.”

Jack Lukkerz, PhL, MSc in sexology

Malmö University

“Dubravka is a highly skilled and compassionate sexologist, a professional dedicated to helping people improve their sexual health.”

Aleksandar Štulhofer, professor 

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

University of Zagreb, Croatia

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